Niger State Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Minna-Paiko Road, Minna Niger State
Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 16:00


In concert with the major development policy thrust of Government, the overarching goal is to take advantage of the diverse agricultural resources in the State and develop an agricultural sector that guarantees food security, employment generation reduction of poverty and facilitate Agro Industrial growth towards accelerated economic development of the State which is private-public-partnership propelled.

The focus on Agro-based industrialization, tagged Agricultural regeneration is in view of the enormous agricultural potentials of the State and its importance as a huge opportunity for accelerating income generation, employment, food security, and export earnings. The strategy anchors on stimulating Private-Public-Partnerships (PPPs) in order to develop/industrialize/modernize the State’s economy. The administration considered the modernization of agriculture as a fulcrum for the structural transformation of the economy and the sustainable reduction in the incidence of poverty. Therefore most of the other sectors, policies and strategies were revolved around the promotion of agriculture.